Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year!

Hope you had a great new year day yesterday.
Here's wishing you and your family the very best of everything.

I just sent 2 photobooks for printing at Shutterfly. One is my 2012 2H and the other is my Project 365- 2012.
I still dislike Shutterfly in some way. I have to manually remove "Vivid picture" effect from the uploaded photos and when I do so, I have to remove the auto-crop one photo by one photo. Totally killing the exciting mood of creating a photobook and clicking "Order"!
However, I'm still sticking with it because it prints 8X8, delivers to Singapore and colour is reasonably good.

And here's a template for you, made from the page I did for my Melbourne trip 2 years ago.
I have been really lazy in 2012 in terms of templates, so I hope I will find time to make more templates this new year. 

Click on preview to download.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Template 68 and 69

I should have done this long ago but work and other stuff have been keeping me busy.

I haven't even have time to bake recently because most of my weekends are filled with dance classes - West Coast Swing and Tango. Somehow, the dance genes are not in me... while others groove and sway to the music like it's the most natural thing to do, I struggle to even keep up with the rhythm.
Anyway, let's see how it goes.

Meanwhile, have fun with these 2 templates!

Click on preview to download.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May already!

Hello, there!

I'm sorry I didn't post anything in March. I had a 2-week vacation in UK and work was super busy before and after the trip. In fact, I haven't even found the time to scrap the photos from the trip.
I took about 800 photos during the 11 days and they definitely need lots of sieving before I can even start to decide how I want to lay them out.

Have been having quite some success on my macarons. Starting to work on flavours and even colour.
Tried Baileys buttercream 2 weeks ago and have great feedback from my "fans" in the office. Made some dual-coloured ones as well and my friend said that they look like "smurfs". Haha!

Here's a new template for you to work with.
I quite like the idea of the clothes peg but I'm not so expert in getting the shadow of the string right. Sorry about that!

Click on preview to download.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy belated V-day

I had wanted to post this early but I was tired after my pilates class so here it is!
Hope you had a great v-day, alone or with someone you love and care about!

Click on preview to download.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


You know that the winter season is over and spring is here when all the scrapbooking newsletters you receive in your inbox shows bright, colourful kits instead of pale whitish ones. I am tempted to buy some new kits but I already have so many kits in my HDD that I think I need to do a stock-check first. LOL!

I had some breakthrough in my journey of macarons. Firstly, I've got to post this picture which I found on the internet which I think is really apt.

Macaron is made of finely grounded almond, icing sugar, egg whites and castor sugar. The centre is filled with cream or jam etc.

Recipe is super simple but the execution of it, is like a chemistry project and I lost count of the time I failed. Either the meringue was under-beaten or the macaronage was under/over-mixed. Sometimes, my oven is too hot by 5 degree cel, sometimes, I overshot by 5 minutes.
Anyway, for the past few tries, I have partial success (not the entire batch survived) and here are they!

Definitely going to make more and get more confident in this!

Here's the template you are waiting for! Have a great weekend!
(It's a long weekend for me 'coz we are celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year on Monday and Tuesday!)

Click on preview to download.