Saturday, January 29, 2011

Enjoying the cool breeze

Just reached home from a short business trip.
Will post photos and layout once I'm settled down.

Still suffering some jetlag and too lazy to cook lunch but I managed to do the laundry and will try to clean the apartment a little.

I managed to make several templates recently and will be posting them systematically.
Here's the first in the list. Enjoy!

Click on preview to download.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy new year!

January has been a busy start for me.

I returned from Hong Kong on 5th and have not stopped clearing work since.
I haven't even had the chance to make the scrapbook pages of my HK trip!
(they are already clipped in position in my templates, but I have not started adding elements from kits).

Guess what I bought 2 days ago?
This pretty baby is now mine!

Now, I'm seriously contemplating to get a 20mm pancake lens (since I hardly use the zoom and it will make the camera lighter as well).

There was actually a very good deal for the new GF2 (at S$1299 with 2 lens).
However, (at that moment) I was more into having a bigger camera with a proper grip then a compact-camera looking camera with no grip.
After looking at how much a pancake lens with cost me, I sort of regret that I didn't get that deal instead. Oh well, that's me and my buying style.

Hopefully with this new camera, I will be taking more decent photos. LOL!

Here's a new template for you. Have fun!
p.s. do show me your layouts! I'd love to see them...

Click on preview to download.