Saturday, November 19, 2011

Template 63

Life's more or less the same recently and it's kinda boring.
Then again, sometimes simplicity is the best thing in life.

Started going to pilates and hopefully I will see some results which I want to see.
It's quite an expensive sport, in my opinion...

Here's my latest template for you.
I hope to make more when I can finally take some days off from work.
The year is coming to an end and I don't feel that I've done much this year.
Another 4 of these years and I will be stepping into the 4s...

"Alone and likely alone for the rest of my life..."
That's a scary thought, almost ruining a beautiful Saturday morning....
So I shall stop and let you do download the file.

Click on preview to download.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I am determined to clean my apartment today.
And I really mean CLEAN.

I have a cleaner who comes over every other Monday to clean the toilet, vacuum + mop the floor, wipe tabletops and iron my clothes. But that's it. She doesn't clean corners and she doesn't wipe anything that does not look dirty (yes, the marble kitchen top that has patterns that camouflage dust) and if it requires removing the display items and then putting them back. (what a lazy ass!)

So today, I'm going to clean the kitchen, wipe all the shelves and scrutinize corners of all the rooms.
Hopefully, I won't get too tired.

I've a new template for you. Lots of photos slots again so have fun with it.

Click on preview to download.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Eversince I bought my oven, I have been keeping it busy at least 3-4 times a week.
There was 1 night when I returned home from work at 9ish and was so stressed that the first thing I wanted to do, was to fold muffin mix and bake muffins.
Crazy, eh?

Have experimented a few flavours since and will continue trying.
My colleagues have kindly contributed to a muffin fund so that I can make more and they have priorities to eat them. Haha!

Here's template 61. Have fun with it!

Click on preview to download.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shutterfly again...

Remember the last time I rant about Shutterfly?
Well, I couldn't find another place that prints reasonably-priced 8*8 hard cover AND ships to SGP so I am still with this (almost) shitty website.

Well, I already hate that they auto-crop all my squarish scrapbook layouts into photo-sizes.
(I am forced to go through all the images individually to remove the auto-crop.)
Then, they have this custom-path options which make arranging my pages a huge hassle.

Worse, they screw up BOTH my orders which were made within a week of each other.

Book 1, there were yellow streaks/patches on almost all my pages and they were very obvious on pages with white/light backgrounds.

Book 2, the cropping of the pages were horrendous!

The bottom of EVERY page has 5mm from another page!

For the first book, they proceeded to make a reprint without apologising.
For the second book, I was very pissed and demands for a refund. They ask me to print a form and send the book back before they can process the refund 2-4 weeks after receiving it.

Hello! I'm residing in Singapore. It will cost me at least S$25 to send this book back via registered airmail.
And this book costs S$25! Does it even make sense?

I'm so pissed off right now.
What's there to boast about 100% customer satisfaction when the solution is to reprint and replace?
Why can't they CHECK the product before shipping? Where is the quality control???

I need to find a place that prints 8*8 NOW.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I bought a convention oven and decided to make brownies today.

Well, I cheated and used pre-mix so I didn't flop.
However, the brownies are way too sweet for my likings so the folks in office are going to benefit from it tomorrow.
I wonder if I add flour to the pre-mix, they will be less sweet?
Or should I stop being lazy and get all the ingredients and do it from scratch?

I am thinking of trying cookies next week.
My mum used to make cookies with cornflakes inside when I was a kid and I kinda miss it.

Here's a new template. Have fun scrapping!

Click on preview to download.

I have changed the background layer from the texture file to a plain paint. It seems that this reduce the file size by 90% (from 25mb to 2.5mb!).
Do give me your feedback if you find any problems with the template(s).

Monday, August 29, 2011

Template 59

I have been gone for long, I know.

Have fun with this new template.

Click on preview to download.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Missing in action

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to.

Have been fighting an yeast infection for the past 2 months and I am really in no mood to do anything else.
Been to the gynae more than 4-5 times, taken 2 kinds of medicines, used 2-3 kinds of pessaries but nothing helps. The cream I used stop working and the itch can be really unbearable, not to mention the other uncomfortable/inconvenience symptoms.

I'm due to see the doctor again next week and I really don't know when is the end.

Sorry for ranting.
Have a great weekend, and I hope to post a new template soon.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Busy busy busy

I know I have been neglecting this blog but work has been over-whelming, and it's crazy.

Went to Paris for 10 days in June for work.
The weather was wonderful except for 2 days when it went up to 36 degree celcius.

Here are some of my layouts for the trip, mostly with Yin's templates.

And of course, I wouldn't forget a new template for you.
Here's #58...

Click on preview to download.

p.s. don't forget to check out my recent post on Photoshop keyboard short-cuts if you have not yet read it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

PS keyboard shortcuts

I thought I'd compile a few keyboard shortcuts that I use very often (or find it useful to know) when I scrap on PS (I'm using CS5 now).

For Mac, use Command or Option; for PC Windows, use Ctrl or Alt.

1. Zoom

Hold down Command/Ctrl + [Spacebar] + click and drag image left (zoom In) or right (zoom out).
I find it really convenient to zoom in and out like this but I think this is for CS5 only.

Alternatively, use Command/Ctrl + [+] to zoom in or + [-] to zoom out without using the mouse or pen. This works for CS3 at least and probably for older CS.

2. Draw Straight Lines

While moving the mouse/pen, hold down [Shift]. Works with nearly every drawing tool.

3. Move

Every time you are typing your journal or drawing in brush mode but need to move the object/text, it's always a hassle to switch the tool to the Move tool and then back again.

I do this: Hold down Command/Ctrl and click and drag to move the object. Release the key and it will switch back to the tool you were using.

4. Copy layer style

A shortcut for copying a layer style to another layer would be to hold down Option/Alt and drag the {fx} at the source layer to the target layer.

5. Hide Panels

Use the [Tab] key once to hide the panels and hit [Tab] again to unhide it.

6. Display

I'm not sure if this one works for versions other than CS5 because I accidentally discovered it.

Press [F] key to change the Screen mode. Keep pressing [F] to scroll through the modes.

7. Switch Foreground/Background Colours

Press [X] to quickly switch between the 2 selected colours.

8. Merge 2 layers

To merge a layer to the layer below, use Command/Ctrl + [E].

Note that {fx} style of the top layer will become part of the image/layer and cannot be modified anymore. However, the {fx} style of the lower level will be retained as a style and can be further modified.

9. Clipping photos to photomat

I use this the most: Command/Ctrl + [G] to clip my photo to a photomat.

However, I've personalised the [G] to [Q] because I find it easier to press Command with my thumb and [Q] with my ring-finger instead of pressing Command with my pinky finger and [G] with my middle finger.

p.s. Note that Command/Ctrl + [Q] is the default keyboard shortcut for quitting. Since I never use a keyboard shortcut to quit, it is not a big deal for me.

10. Transform

Another keyboard shortcut that I use all the time is Command/Ctrl + [T] which is to activate the transformation mode for various form of resizing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Template 57

I'm so sorry that I did not realised that the template I uploaded was flattened!
(And I equally surprised that only 1 commented it after 140 downloads).

I've rectified it (by looking for an old version in my time machine).
Here it is!!

Click on preview to download.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Phuket 2011

I was out of town last weekend and therefore didn't post the new template.
Went to an island in Thailand, Phuket for my company's retreat and came back tanned like crazy.

Beautiful hotel and good food.

And here's the long-awaited template 57. Enjoy!

Click on preview to download.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

MBP 17" + Template 56

The MBP 15" is 3 years old and it acted weird on me.
Since the Applecare warranty is up, I decided to get a new one, this time 17".

I have everything migrated and set up but still have not install CS5.
I got it via an Education promotion and have trouble receiving the serial number from Adobe. Very bad customer service I would say.
Hopefully, it will be resolved by Monday, otherwise I'm going to be really pissed.

Luckily, I have some templates already made so here it is.
Template 56 is actually Part 1 of a 2-page template (#56 and #57).

Click on preview to download.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I read that it's some International Scrapping Day these few days?

I haven't been scrapping much these days, only making pages for my P365.
Really should start continuing my mum's scrapbook!

Here's a goodie for you.
Lots of pictures and lots of words as well.

Click on preview to download.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy easter!

Finally I manage to find some time to post here.
On one hand, I'm glad that it somehow means that I still have a life besides sitting infront of my MBP, on the other hand, I wonder if anyone misses my free templates.

Somehow getting lazy in making templates... perhaps the lack of response is slowly killing my passion.

Anyway, here's a new one which was actually used in one of my layout for my Melbourne trip.

Click on preview to download.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New idea brewing

Recently, I had some ideas for a new "project".

My mum has asked me to make her a photobook, using old photos she has scanned one by one.
These are photos since she was a cute kid, a chubby teenage, a beautiful woman and also her wedding photos.
All these photos are in black/white and it is a challenge to make them into a photobook without looking too dull.

What I plan is that, after I have made the photobook, I will try and sell that set of 20 templates so that I can accumulate some $ in order to print the book for her for Mothers' day.
Of course I will still print the book for her regardless of whether I end up selling anything at all.
But I think that idea, being put into action, will thrill her as well.
What do you think?

Meanwhile, here's a new template for you to play with.

Click on preview to download.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April's coming!

Just realised that I have not posted for 2 weeks!
I'm ok, just bored with work and all etc.
Some gastric problems every now and then but I think it will go off by itself soon.

Here's a new template for you. Cheers!

Click on preview to download.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A tired mid-week

Shopped a little too much online this week.
Decided to make a layout for the stuff while waiting for them to be shipped.

Started to like Kenneth Cole recently and have bought several pairs of heeled sandals since.
Since I am short, their 4-inch heels suit me well.

Recently, I watched 2 photoshop tutorials on youtube.
One is about the patch tool and the other is about the healing brush.

I love the one about the healing brush. Apparently, if you change the shape of the brush from round to flat-oval, the result is much more realistic.
I tried and it works very well. Try it if you are using PS!

Here's a new template for you and you'd be excited to know that I already have a few more in the line-up.
Have fun!

Click on preview to download.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's my big day today!
Decided to post something up before I go out and have some brunch somewhere (took the day off from work).

I don't have many birthday wishes.
Not sure when it will ever come true but I guess I just have to have faith... and patience...

So now, since 9 is my favourite number (for obvious reason), I made this template to share with you.
It's already my 50th template... there were hits and misses along the way and I thank you for walking this journey with me.
I hope I still have the zest and inspiration to go on, and your little comments always motivates me... so please remember to always leave me some words before you click the link to download the file!

Click on preview to download.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wordart series - Part 4

"Lucky" by Jason Marz is one of my favourite songs.
So I decided to make this wordart while watching "NCIS - Los Angeles" at home.

Hope you like it and have fun while I work on the next one.

Click on preview to download.

Credits: Beads alpha from ScrappinCop. CU licence paid.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wordart series - Part 3

It's Friday night!
I took 3 days off from work for next week but am not travelling to anywhere.
Will probably just rest and do nothing.

Last night, I had a little birthday celebration with my colleagues and they got the waitress to make me this.

[Forever 24] was the email subject I used when I sent out the invitation and they used it.
It's not exactly an age that I would like to be back at but hey, it looks like a nice number!

Here's part 3 of my wordart series.
Hope you'd like it.

Click on preview to download.

Credits: Beads alpha from ScrappinCop. CU licence paid.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordart series - Part 2

Here's the 2nd one.

I truly believe that love can find you at any corner, at any time and even when you least expect it.
Maybe you found your soulmate at the cafe, maybe your eyes first met from across the street, maybe you made a wrong phonecall and end up together.

Every love story is different.
Every love story is worth remembering, even if it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to.

Click on preview to download.

Credits: Beads alpha from ScrappinCop. CU licence paid.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wordart series - Part 1

I'm a Pisces and that means my birthday is around the corner.
Age is just a number *ahem* and I've decided to celebrate it by "sharing" this year.

I paid for a CU licence for a cute alpha set from ScrappinCop and will use it to make some wordart here.

Here's the first from the set.
I have not decided how many to make but I do need some inspirations on the words.
So do check back later for more freebies.

Click on preview to download.

Credits: Beads alpha from ScrappinCop. CU licence paid.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ate too much chocolates

Can't believe that I did not step out of my apartment today.
I did laundry, packed my winter clothes (for travel) into various boxes, clean the kitchen a little and did some house-keeping on my scrapbooking stuff e.g. rename the files, delete kits that I will never use...

2 months of 2011 has passed, I'm glad that I have layouts to remind me how the days have passed.
I have 2 photobooks for P365 for 2010 and I am still doing it for 2011.
Hopefully, this year will be more colourful than the last.

Here's a new template for you.
Hope it will be useful. Enjoy!

Click on preview to download.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Going crazy with 4Shared

Here's a beautiful frame I'd like to share with you. Click on the picture to go to the download page.
Saw it in real life by chance and totally love it. Hope you do too.

4Shared is driving me crazy... it downloads files within seconds (even 3mb files) but they are all the wrong files!

Instead of the zip files or psd that is shown on the download page, I receive pdf with weird titles, or songs which I have never heard before.

Am I the only one?

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Took many photos during my recent trip to Luxembourg.
Here's a few layouts I have made with templates from Yin.

Am working on making some more templates.
Visit this blog soon!


“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you will not have to listen to his incessant whining about how hungry he is.” 

- Author unknown

I received 3 comments after posting the short tutorial on how to make warp shadows on Photoshop. All are anonymous, all are not very polite (as least that's how I felt when I read them), all were asking for the PSD file for their downloading.

Yes, I understand that if you use CS2 or below (and PSE?), you are not able to create a layer from the shadow effect. And hence, the tutorial is not very useful.
But can't you at least sign off your name (even if it is a fake one)?

So no, I am not putting the PSD file for downloading.
But I have a solution for those who are not using CS3 or above.

1/ Duplicate the mat layer (the white one)
2/ Paint it grey (the shade of grey depends on the background colour of your layout)
3/ Add filter to the layer -> Gaussian blur, Radius=2 pixel
4/ Warp this layer using Edit -> Transform -> Warp

So here I am, teaching you to fish, instead of handing you a fish for dinner tonight.

Then again, if you are one who can't be bothered to fish, then I propose that you look for a chicken or beef somewhere else.


I love Shutterfly, I really do.

I have printed several 8*8" photobooks with them and the pages are always vibrant and of good quality.
The hardcover is solid and glossy and 8" is just the right size for me.

But I'm pissed at 2 things.

One is that shipping is always delayed.
Yes, I'm in some faraway place from USA and it takes at least 1-3 weeks for me to get my book.
However, 4 out of 5 times, I only receive it after 4 weeks.
A few times, after waiting for too long, I write to them and they will reprint and send again.
I often end up with 2 copies after another month because the first copy finally arrive.

Second is that they very often screw up the spine of my book.
I created my jpeg file based on Shutterfly's template for spine and even use my previous books as guide.
But look what happens.

The middle one is the first print. I was upset and requested for a re-print.
When the re-print (first book on the right) arrived, I was more disappointed because it is worse than the original.
Sometimes, even when I print 80 pages book, the spine is also not aligned nicely.

If they could print the other book of mine with a properly-aligned spine (e.g. the left-most book in the picture), why can't they do a proper one for the rest?
Isn't there a quality-control check before they ship it out?
I'm paying and average of US$80 for a book (inclusive of shipping), so I really hate this feeling.

Where else can I print my photobook?
Time for research this weekend, I guess.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New photo blog

I managed to set up a new blog over the weekend just for my photography hobby.
Hopefully with my new camera and lens, I will take more photos (and better ones!).

Check over here and please give me your comments!

And yes, I'm super excited that the previous template is well received.
It is much more popular than the previous one which means that I should make templates with more photos slots in future.

Meanwhile, have fun with this one!

Click on preview to download.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot hot hot!

Have been wanting to do my HK photos for a while and finally had some time to do it during Chinese New Year.

Here's one I made for Ocean Park. Love the vibrant colours!

And here's the template for you to play with.
Have fun!

Click on preview to download.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another hobby

Found a Picasa photo album containing pictures of jewellery I made a few years back.

Some, I have sold via my now-defunct website and some, I have given to friends.
It's a hobby I took up and left aside after awhile.
As much as I love to design and create, I often find myself not having enough boldness in terms of creativity.

Most of the pieces I made are simple and classic but that can be seen as boring too.
Just like the scrapbook layouts I made.
While I love and admire the many layouts I see on other people's blogs, which are full of elements, masks etc, I always end up making simple pages, making the many photos the centre of my pages.

Hmmm... Anyway, here's Template 46.
Have a great Sunday and the week ahead!

Click on preview to download.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There is sun today

It stopped raining today (after raining non-stop for 2 days).
I'm glad that there's a little sun and hope that this sunny, breezy days will continue for at least this long weekend that we are having.

Have fun with template 45!

Click on preview to download.