Friday, June 17, 2011

PS keyboard shortcuts

I thought I'd compile a few keyboard shortcuts that I use very often (or find it useful to know) when I scrap on PS (I'm using CS5 now).

For Mac, use Command or Option; for PC Windows, use Ctrl or Alt.

1. Zoom

Hold down Command/Ctrl + [Spacebar] + click and drag image left (zoom In) or right (zoom out).
I find it really convenient to zoom in and out like this but I think this is for CS5 only.

Alternatively, use Command/Ctrl + [+] to zoom in or + [-] to zoom out without using the mouse or pen. This works for CS3 at least and probably for older CS.

2. Draw Straight Lines

While moving the mouse/pen, hold down [Shift]. Works with nearly every drawing tool.

3. Move

Every time you are typing your journal or drawing in brush mode but need to move the object/text, it's always a hassle to switch the tool to the Move tool and then back again.

I do this: Hold down Command/Ctrl and click and drag to move the object. Release the key and it will switch back to the tool you were using.

4. Copy layer style

A shortcut for copying a layer style to another layer would be to hold down Option/Alt and drag the {fx} at the source layer to the target layer.

5. Hide Panels

Use the [Tab] key once to hide the panels and hit [Tab] again to unhide it.

6. Display

I'm not sure if this one works for versions other than CS5 because I accidentally discovered it.

Press [F] key to change the Screen mode. Keep pressing [F] to scroll through the modes.

7. Switch Foreground/Background Colours

Press [X] to quickly switch between the 2 selected colours.

8. Merge 2 layers

To merge a layer to the layer below, use Command/Ctrl + [E].

Note that {fx} style of the top layer will become part of the image/layer and cannot be modified anymore. However, the {fx} style of the lower level will be retained as a style and can be further modified.

9. Clipping photos to photomat

I use this the most: Command/Ctrl + [G] to clip my photo to a photomat.

However, I've personalised the [G] to [Q] because I find it easier to press Command with my thumb and [Q] with my ring-finger instead of pressing Command with my pinky finger and [G] with my middle finger.

p.s. Note that Command/Ctrl + [Q] is the default keyboard shortcut for quitting. Since I never use a keyboard shortcut to quit, it is not a big deal for me.

10. Transform

Another keyboard shortcut that I use all the time is Command/Ctrl + [T] which is to activate the transformation mode for various form of resizing.

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