Friday, June 17, 2011

PS keyboard shortcuts

I thought I'd compile a few keyboard shortcuts that I use very often (or find it useful to know) when I scrap on PS (I'm using CS5 now).

For Mac, use Command or Option; for PC Windows, use Ctrl or Alt.

1. Zoom

Hold down Command/Ctrl + [Spacebar] + click and drag image left (zoom In) or right (zoom out).
I find it really convenient to zoom in and out like this but I think this is for CS5 only.

Alternatively, use Command/Ctrl + [+] to zoom in or + [-] to zoom out without using the mouse or pen. This works for CS3 at least and probably for older CS.

2. Draw Straight Lines

While moving the mouse/pen, hold down [Shift]. Works with nearly every drawing tool.

3. Move

Every time you are typing your journal or drawing in brush mode but need to move the object/text, it's always a hassle to switch the tool to the Move tool and then back again.

I do this: Hold down Command/Ctrl and click and drag to move the object. Release the key and it will switch back to the tool you were using.

4. Copy layer style

A shortcut for copying a layer style to another layer would be to hold down Option/Alt and drag the {fx} at the source layer to the target layer.

5. Hide Panels

Use the [Tab] key once to hide the panels and hit [Tab] again to unhide it.

6. Display

I'm not sure if this one works for versions other than CS5 because I accidentally discovered it.

Press [F] key to change the Screen mode. Keep pressing [F] to scroll through the modes.

7. Switch Foreground/Background Colours

Press [X] to quickly switch between the 2 selected colours.

8. Merge 2 layers

To merge a layer to the layer below, use Command/Ctrl + [E].

Note that {fx} style of the top layer will become part of the image/layer and cannot be modified anymore. However, the {fx} style of the lower level will be retained as a style and can be further modified.

9. Clipping photos to photomat

I use this the most: Command/Ctrl + [G] to clip my photo to a photomat.

However, I've personalised the [G] to [Q] because I find it easier to press Command with my thumb and [Q] with my ring-finger instead of pressing Command with my pinky finger and [G] with my middle finger.

p.s. Note that Command/Ctrl + [Q] is the default keyboard shortcut for quitting. Since I never use a keyboard shortcut to quit, it is not a big deal for me.

10. Transform

Another keyboard shortcut that I use all the time is Command/Ctrl + [T] which is to activate the transformation mode for various form of resizing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Template 57

I'm so sorry that I did not realised that the template I uploaded was flattened!
(And I equally surprised that only 1 commented it after 140 downloads).

I've rectified it (by looking for an old version in my time machine).
Here it is!!

Click on preview to download.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Phuket 2011

I was out of town last weekend and therefore didn't post the new template.
Went to an island in Thailand, Phuket for my company's retreat and came back tanned like crazy.

Beautiful hotel and good food.

And here's the long-awaited template 57. Enjoy!

Click on preview to download.