Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shutterfly again...

Remember the last time I rant about Shutterfly?
Well, I couldn't find another place that prints reasonably-priced 8*8 hard cover AND ships to SGP so I am still with this (almost) shitty website.

Well, I already hate that they auto-crop all my squarish scrapbook layouts into photo-sizes.
(I am forced to go through all the images individually to remove the auto-crop.)
Then, they have this custom-path options which make arranging my pages a huge hassle.

Worse, they screw up BOTH my orders which were made within a week of each other.

Book 1, there were yellow streaks/patches on almost all my pages and they were very obvious on pages with white/light backgrounds.

Book 2, the cropping of the pages were horrendous!

The bottom of EVERY page has 5mm from another page!

For the first book, they proceeded to make a reprint without apologising.
For the second book, I was very pissed and demands for a refund. They ask me to print a form and send the book back before they can process the refund 2-4 weeks after receiving it.

Hello! I'm residing in Singapore. It will cost me at least S$25 to send this book back via registered airmail.
And this book costs S$25! Does it even make sense?

I'm so pissed off right now.
What's there to boast about 100% customer satisfaction when the solution is to reprint and replace?
Why can't they CHECK the product before shipping? Where is the quality control???

I need to find a place that prints 8*8 NOW.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I bought a convention oven and decided to make brownies today.

Well, I cheated and used pre-mix so I didn't flop.
However, the brownies are way too sweet for my likings so the folks in office are going to benefit from it tomorrow.
I wonder if I add flour to the pre-mix, they will be less sweet?
Or should I stop being lazy and get all the ingredients and do it from scratch?

I am thinking of trying cookies next week.
My mum used to make cookies with cornflakes inside when I was a kid and I kinda miss it.

Here's a new template. Have fun scrapping!

Click on preview to download.

I have changed the background layer from the texture file to a plain paint. It seems that this reduce the file size by 90% (from 25mb to 2.5mb!).
Do give me your feedback if you find any problems with the template(s).