Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shutterfly again...

Remember the last time I rant about Shutterfly?
Well, I couldn't find another place that prints reasonably-priced 8*8 hard cover AND ships to SGP so I am still with this (almost) shitty website.

Well, I already hate that they auto-crop all my squarish scrapbook layouts into photo-sizes.
(I am forced to go through all the images individually to remove the auto-crop.)
Then, they have this custom-path options which make arranging my pages a huge hassle.

Worse, they screw up BOTH my orders which were made within a week of each other.

Book 1, there were yellow streaks/patches on almost all my pages and they were very obvious on pages with white/light backgrounds.

Book 2, the cropping of the pages were horrendous!

The bottom of EVERY page has 5mm from another page!

For the first book, they proceeded to make a reprint without apologising.
For the second book, I was very pissed and demands for a refund. They ask me to print a form and send the book back before they can process the refund 2-4 weeks after receiving it.

Hello! I'm residing in Singapore. It will cost me at least S$25 to send this book back via registered airmail.
And this book costs S$25! Does it even make sense?

I'm so pissed off right now.
What's there to boast about 100% customer satisfaction when the solution is to reprint and replace?
Why can't they CHECK the product before shipping? Where is the quality control???

I need to find a place that prints 8*8 NOW.


  1. try winkflash....they have some great specials on their photo books for up to 100 pages.. I have used them several times..

  2. they also have unlimited storage for your photos and they can be re downloaded in 3 different sizes including the original

  3. the photo storage is free whether you buy from them or not

  4. Try Blurb Jacklyn. I've heard so many raves about it. I've gotten an album RAK from PaisleePress (hello,love) that's blurb compatible. As of the moment, I'm still completing the travel album I'm making using it. I cannot wait to finish and order it. Will let you know how it goes. :)

  5. Have you tried I have had at least 10 books made there and have been very satisfied.

  6. Thanks for so many recommendations!

    Winkflash doesn't seem to ship overseas so I will need to use vpost and incur some additional cost.

    Blurb doesn't print 8*8. They offer 7*7 which a little too small for my likings.

    Artscow photobooks (deluxe version) have those thick pages which would make most of my photobooks really thick (cos I made Project 365).