Saturday, February 19, 2011


“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you will not have to listen to his incessant whining about how hungry he is.” 

- Author unknown

I received 3 comments after posting the short tutorial on how to make warp shadows on Photoshop. All are anonymous, all are not very polite (as least that's how I felt when I read them), all were asking for the PSD file for their downloading.

Yes, I understand that if you use CS2 or below (and PSE?), you are not able to create a layer from the shadow effect. And hence, the tutorial is not very useful.
But can't you at least sign off your name (even if it is a fake one)?

So no, I am not putting the PSD file for downloading.
But I have a solution for those who are not using CS3 or above.

1/ Duplicate the mat layer (the white one)
2/ Paint it grey (the shade of grey depends on the background colour of your layout)
3/ Add filter to the layer -> Gaussian blur, Radius=2 pixel
4/ Warp this layer using Edit -> Transform -> Warp

So here I am, teaching you to fish, instead of handing you a fish for dinner tonight.

Then again, if you are one who can't be bothered to fish, then I propose that you look for a chicken or beef somewhere else.


  1. Great response.Thanks for the tutorial, too. I can't understand complaining about a freebie!

  2. Love your post. I am a firm believer in "teaching" and thank you for your tutorial.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I look forward to giving it a try!

  4. Thanks for both tutorials....and your generiousity and time! I am definitey going to play around with this..:)!