Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yummies from CottonCandy

I received some super cute stuff from CottonCandy yesterday.

They are so adorable and I thought I had to make a layout for them.
Note: If you like this layout, leave a note and I will post the template for download!

Top left: plastic bookmarks - the rabbit/cat sticks "outside" the book when you put the bookmark between a page
Top right: animal pens - love the rabbit/cat clip and the pens write so smoothly

Bottom left: stickers with travel theme... for France, Germany and Italy... with cartoons of each's famous place of interests and some phrases
Bottom centre+right: plastic see-through pouches which are perfect for packing stuff of all sizes for travel

I also receive a Nyokki Monkey which I intend to nurture at my office desk.
If all is good, I willl get this cute monkey with grass as "hair".
Isn't it cute?

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