Saturday, October 16, 2010


I didn't realise that I haven't posted anything for 2 weeks!
Work was really busy (October is my busiest month at work) and there were many late night dinners/drinking with friends so I guess I was kinda swarmed.

Badly needed retail therapy and a pair of Kenneth Cole caught my eyes.
Too bad the shop didn't have my size so I am buying them online and getting them shipped via vpost.
It retails at S$389 but sells online at US$160. I cannot imagine how brands/shops can still do this kind of rip off when online shopping is so common nowadays.

Here's a peek of the shoes I'm buying.

It has great cushioning inside so the 3.75 inch shouldn't be any problem.

Now, here's a double-page template for you to scrap this weekend.
Hope you will like it!

Click on preview to download.


  1. thank you so much! Just love your templates!

  2. Great template! Thank you - and enjoy those shoes!

  3. Great shoes! Thanks for sharing the template!